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I'm a 21 year old graduate from The Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumburg, Illinois, with a BFA in Graphic Design. While I certainly love "designing graphics," I chose design for what it can do and how it can impact people's lives. I'll save you the spiel about "loving the details" and being "a real hard worker," that should be de facto from every designer. For me, the fun is in the research, the planning and ultimately making people think. It's also fun going on caffiene runs.

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I'm a self-proclaimed nerd, so you can find me on all sorts of networking sites. They say it's 10% of what you know, and 90% of who you know. So go on, pick your poison.

Mag? Meg? Mog? Mug?

To answer your question, no, I was not named after a Russian jet fighter air craft. The breakdown...

Two Truths and a Lie.